DLT Online Judgments

DLT needs no introduction; this Online Edition is the advance version of the existing CD-Rom version. We are confident that our users when experience this unique compilation will be amazed by the speed and user friendly features of this master piece search engine which churns out accurate results with ease and agility. The same also provides backup to multiple search options some of which are absolutely path- breaking. Our subscribers/users will soon realize that a Legal Software if made available from a legal publishing house, having genuine and authentic Head-notes, shall provide a clear edge over similar products based on hurriedly piled up judgments and their Head-notes.

Coverage: Full Text Judgments pronounced by the Delhi High Court from 1965 till date and all the appeals in Supreme Court of India from Delhi High Court.


  • Global Access: This Online Edition can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere around the globe.
  • Equivalent Citations: Multiple Equivalent citations of all major reports have been incorporated into every case law.
  • Overruled Judgments : Highlighted in red right above the judgment so that our researches knows which law has become redundant.
  • Reversed judgments and Follow on Judgments : We have highlighted all the reversed cases in judgments and also the case law in which the present case has been followed.
  • Search Tools : Word/ Phrase Search, Citation Search, Court-wise search, Refine Search, NEAR Search, Topic-wise search, Act-Section Search etc.
  • Cases Referred : Hyperlinks are created to cases referred in Judgments so that researchers can jump from one case to another with just a click without wasting time.
  • Copy and Paste : We believe in making things easy, so we allow our researchers to copy and paste any part of Judgment which indeed would save typing time.
  • Replica printouts - We provide our researchers with replica printouts (same as in Reports) to make the judgment more authentic and most importantly it can be presented in any court of law.

Updates: Updates are regularly uploaded before the judgment is published in our journal.